1 in 2 diabetics suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy[1] during their lifetime : P&G

08 November 2022 | Tuesday | News

Ahead of World Diabetes Day 2022, P&G Health, announced it's 'Put Life Back in Your Hands' campaign being commemorated across 18 countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, to raise public awareness on the connection between Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes, and the importance of early identification and timely treatment.


  • P&G Health, makers of Neurobion, embark on an effort to help people 'Put Life Back in Their Hands' for an improved quality of life.
  • Launched on World Diabetes Day across 18 countries, the campaign raises awareness on Peripheral Neuropathy in diabetes, and the importance of early identification and timely treatment.

With Diabetes Mellitus being the leading cause[2] of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), the increasing prevalence of PN is closely linked to the rise in the number of diabetic patients. PN including Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is the result of damage to the nerves impacting quality of life of people as they are not able to go about their daily lives as comfortably. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include numbness, tingling, prickling, and burning sensations in the hands and feet. Besides diabetes mellitus, B vitamins deficiencies and aging are other high-risk factors leading to peripheral nerve damage.


  • In 2021, there were 393 million diabetic patients[3] in the Asia PacificMiddle East, and African regions projected to rise to 603 million by 2045[3]
  • With ~50%[1] of diabetic patients indicating that they suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, there will be an exponential growth in the number of patients in these regions with PN.
  • Less than one-third of physicians recognize signs of DPN. Undiagnosed cases contributing greatly to the high rates of morbidity and mortality of diabetes[3]. Up to 50 % of patients are asymptomatic and therefore often remain undiagnosed and are at risk of insensate injury[4].
  • If not diagnosed and treated early, DPN can develop into neuropathic pain which has a tremendous impact on the quality of life. 
  • To decrease the risk of DPN, regular screening, early detection and patient education are crucial for optimal treatment outcomes.

Aalok Agrawal, Senior Vice-President, P&G Health, AsiaIndiaMiddle East & Africa said "As a partner to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), P&G Health is committed to continued efforts to raise awareness on Diabetes and its associated complications including Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Damage. Our 'Put Life Back in Your Hands' campaign is a large-scale collective awareness effort across 18 countries with consumers, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, medical and partner organisations to highlight the everyday challenges faced by people suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy, and the importance of timely diagnoses and treatment for an improved quality of life.

"With conditions such as diabetes and peripheral neuropathy underdiagnosed and untreated in our region, platforms such as World Diabetes Day also provide an opportunity for collective efforts on raising awareness and education for improved treatment outcomes. One such effort is P&G Health's 'Winning the Fight Against Neuropathy in Diabetic Patients' forum which will bring together globally renowned multidisciplinary medical experts with Healthcare Professionals and Pharmacists from across Asia-PacificMiddle East, to share latest clinical guidance on diagnosing and treating diabetic nerve damage," he added.


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