Ancient Nutrition launches world’s first regenerative organic nutritional supplement

18 November 2023 | Saturday | News

Coinciding with the theatrical release of the new movie promoting regenerative agriculture, Common Ground.

The latest film on planetary health, Common Ground, from the director of Kiss the Ground, continues to hit theaters this month. As the message of hope reaches massive audiences, it will leave consumers and brands wanting to take action in support of Regenerative Agriculture. Ancient Nutrition, a leading health and wellness company, simultaneously is introducing the world's first triple-certified nutritional supplement formulas. This revolutionary line encompasses 16 products in the probiotics, herbal functional mushroom categories, achieving Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™), USDA Organic, and Non-GMO status. Ancient Nutrition hopes to lead the way for other brands to follow suit, and for consumers to have an option that now supports a movement that goes far beyond organic.


Ancient Nutrition's ROC™ product launch sources 95% of the active ingredients from the founder-owned Regenerative Organic Certified® farms in Tennessee and Missouri, promoting soil health, ecosystem restoration, farm worker fairness, and animal welfare.


The company's commitment extends to carbon neutrality, offsetting emissions from production and distribution, as well as diverting oceanbound plastics with its partnership with PlasticBank®. Additionally, Ancient Nutrition has developed the R.A.N.C.H ProjectSM, focusing on Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrition, and Climate Health.

"The all-encompassing standards of achieving Regenerative Organic Certified® represent the pinnacle of ecologically sound agricultural operations that, if broadly implemented, will take our food supply far beyond organic," said Jordan Rubin, Co-Founder of Ancient Nutrition. "We hope these ROC™ products establish a legacy of health and hope for Ancient Nutrition team members, partners and customers."

Regenerative Agriculture is being widely researched by organizations including the Rodale Institute, and Nutrient Density Alliance to prove out soil health metrics, carbon sequestration and nutrient density.


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