Nestlé announces latest science-based innovation for early-life nutrition

18 November 2023 | Saturday | News

Nestlé experts have now further explored the interaction of these different nutrients and bioactive
Image Source | Public Domain

Image Source | Public Domain

Nestlé has announced its latest science-based innovation for early-life nutrition. The company has developed Sinergity, a proprietary blend that combines a specific probiotic with six human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) to support age-adapted infant development by unlocking specific health benefits.

Probiotics play a key role in supporting the gut microbiome and immunity during infant development. Similarly, HMOs, a crucial component of breastmilk, support intestinal microbiota development and nurture the immune system during early life.

Over the years, Nestlé has been at the forefront of understanding the composition of various nutrients and bioactive that are present in breastmilk such as proteins and HMOs. Nestlé also has extensive expertise in probiotics and their role in nutrition and health.

Nestlé experts have now further explored the interaction of these different nutrients and bioactives. They have unveiled how a specific strain (B. infantis LMG11588) can efficiently absorb and metabolise HMOs, thereby producing key beneficial compounds, in addition to the direct benefits already provided by the HMOs and the probiotic individually. The combination of these elements creates a synergistic effect, resulting in a dominance of bifidobacteria which through their metabolic activity can lead to a more favorable gut environment and stronger immunity in the infant.

Laurent Alsteens, Global Head of Early Childhood Nutrition at Nestlé, said, “We are committed to engaging in groundbreaking research and are working with healthcare professionals to contribute to optimal nutrition in early childhood through clinically tested solutions that provide the essential nutrients for babies that cannot be exclusively or who are only partially breastfed. In this way, we can help advance breakthrough nutritional solutions for infants with ingredient blends to support age-appropriate growth, digestive health, bone, muscle and cognitive development and the immune system.”

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