Nutriterra® Omega-3 Canola powder launches through exclusive partnership with Connoils

25 December 2023 | Monday | News

Nuseed® Nutritional US Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (ASX:NUF), selected Connoils as the exclusive partner for producing and distributing Nutriterra® DHA Canola oil in powder formats. This new format expands  potential applications for the world’s first plant-based source of total omega-3 oil, including beverages and functional foods. Nutriterra is also FDA approved as a New Dietary Ingredient for use in dietary supplements.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain


Nuseed Nutritional Nutraceutical Lead Mark Smith, says “Connoils technology is producing powder with unmatched stability and quality.” Connoils utilizes low temperature electrostatic dehydration to achieve excellent encapsulation and maintain nutritional integrity. Moreover, the clean excipient ingredients are in line with Nutriterra’s simple expeller pressed oil.

“We’ve been searching for the right plant-based omega-3 for our portfolio, and Nutriterra is best-in-class” says Connoils President Stacy Peterson. Nutriterra provides DHA and an elevated ALA content that can support “good source of omega-3” labelling claims. The Nutriterra oil powder has a neutral taste that works well in fortified food and beverages, allowing more versatility than typical marine-based omega-3. Connoils supports customer innovation and can adapt powder formulations to meet a variety of uses.

While omega-3 fatty acids are well known for their role in maintaining overall health, fewer than 10% of Americans consume enough of these essential nutrients. Mr. Smith attributes this to the sensory experiences and ocean health concerns associated with fish oil. “Our proprietary research indicates that 64% of consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 when presented an alternative to marine oils. Nutriterra offers a mild flavor and is Friend of the Sea® certified, so consumers can meet their nutritional needs without compromising their taste or values.”

Nutriterra DHA Canola is well aligned with Connoils’ strategic initiative of delivering ingredients that foster innovation and market leadership. Nutriterra has a unique DHA, EPA, and ALA omega-3 profile with a mild taste profile that appeals to plant-based, health conscious, and sustainably motivated consumers. In addition to the exclusive powder partnership, Connoils is also a distributor of Nutriterra DHA Canola oil for their food, nutrition, and beauty customers.


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