Nanoscope Therapeutics Achieves Breakthrough in Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment with MCO-010 Gene Therapy

27 March 2024 | Wednesday | News

Phase 2b RESTORE Trial Shows Significant Vision Improvement in Patients, Paving the Way for FDA Submission in 2024
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Nanoscope Therapeutics, a pioneering biotechnology firm, unveiled groundbreaking results from the Phase 2b RESTORE trial of MCO-010 on March 26, 2024. This gene therapy, notable for its mutation-agnostic approach, offers new hope for individuals suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a condition characterized by progressive and irreversible retinal neurodegeneration. The study achieved its primary and key secondary objectives, demonstrating significant improvement in visual acuity without serious adverse events.

MCO-010's success in the RESTORE trial marks a significant milestone in the treatment of genetic diseases, showcasing the potential of optogenetics in gene therapy. Patients treated with both high and low doses of MCO-010 experienced clinically meaningful enhancements in vision, making this the first randomized, controlled trial in retinal degenerative disease to report such improvements.

The trial's data indicates durable effects of the therapy, with continued visual function improvement beyond week 52, particularly in the high-dose group. This long-term efficacy suggests MCO-010's potential as a one-time intravitreal injection solution for RP patients. Furthermore, the study's secondary endpoints, including novel functional vision assessments, further validate the therapy's beneficial impact on vision.

Nanoscope's announcement also highlighted the safety profile of MCO-010, with no severe adverse events related to the treatment. This promising safety and efficacy profile paves the way for a Biologics License Application to the U.S. FDA in the latter half of 2024, signaling a significant advancement in ocular gene therapy and potential relief for those with this debilitating condition.

The RESTORE trial is a testament to over a decade of innovation in vector design, manufacturing, and clinical trial methodology, as well as the development of novel functional vision endpoints. This achievement underscores the versatility of Nanoscope's MCO platform and its potential in treating not only RP but also other conditions like Stargardt disease and geographic atrophy due to age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

As Nanoscope prepares to bring MCO-010 to the market, the biotech community and patients alike watch eagerly, hopeful for a new era in the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa and potentially other inherited retinal diseases.


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