GenScript ProBio and DAAN Bio Therapeutics, Sign a Strategic Cooperation MOU for the Discovery and Development of Novel Drugs

15 July 2022 | Friday | News

GenScript ProBio (Brian Ho-sung Min, CEO), a global CDMO, and DAAN Bio Therapeutics (Byoung Chul Cho, Co-Founder & CEO), an innovative new drug developer such as antibody treatments and cell therapy drugs, announced that they had entered into a strategic cooperation MOU concerning the development for innovation drug discovery & development. GenScript ProBio and DAAN have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) and biologics field through this MOU.
(Left) Brian H. Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio / (Right ) Byoung Chul Cho, CEO of DAAN Bio Therapeutics

(Left) Brian H. Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio / (Right ) Byoung Chul Cho, CEO of DAAN Bio Therapeutics

Through this agreement, both companies will strategically cooperate in the overall development process, such as discovery, manufacturing, and clinical trials of antibody and cell treatments, and related research and service projects.

DAAN Bio Therapeutics has conducted single cell transcriptomic and proteomic biomarker analysis through its own analysis platform using tissues secured from solid cancer patients along with DAAN Cancer Research Institute and Yonsei New Il Han Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.

Accordingly, DAAN Bio Therapeutics signed a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) service through GenScript ProBio to develop antibodies that specifically bind to the discovered target material, and established its own bispecific antibody production pipeline using antibodies derived through GMP production.

Brian H. Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio, said "I hope this strategic partnership with DAAN Bio Therapeutics will be of great support as a global partner in accelerating the development of DAAN's antibody and cell therapy through the GenScript ProBio's one-stop CDMO service platform. "

Byoung Chul Cho, Co-Founder & CEO of DAAN Bio Therapeutics, said "This strategic cooperation will be an opportunity to revitalize the development of antibody and cell therapy that control unique cancer treatment targets secured by DAAN Bio Therapeutics using GenScript ProBio's qualified and competitive technologies."

Through this strategic partnership, both GenScript ProBio and DAAN Bio Therapeutics will continue their cooperation more closely with each other to develop subsequent pipelines of DAAN Bio Therapeutics, such as antibody drug and cell therapy.

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