Excelra Acquires BISC Global, Forming International Bioinformatics Powerhouse

21 April 2023 | Friday | News

Excelra, a leading life science data and digital solutions provider, has acquired BISC Global, a bioinformatics and data analytics consulting company with offices across Europe and the USA. The acquisition creates an international powerhouse in consulting-led bioinformatics, with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and omics and next-generation sequencing data analysis.

Excelra is a trusted partner to the world's top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providing data, insight, and R&D technology services. Its interdisciplinary teams of biocurators, bioinformaticians, data scientists, and engineers deliver harmonized data, optimized analysis pipelines, and advanced applications to accelerate drug discovery and development.

BISC Global is a consulting-led platform and service provider specializing in bioinformatics, biostatistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It provides data analysis, pipeline development, cloud computing, and data visualization services. It also offers next-generation platforms such as the Online Pipeline Platform (OP2), which supports streamlined analysis of bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, somatic variant calling, and germline variant calling data; and ImmunoRaptor, an analysis platform that makes it easy for researchers to manage and analyze immune repertoire sequencing data.

BISC Global's leadership believes the acquisition will expand bioinformatics innovation and benefit customers of both organizations. "We are excited about the acquisition by Excelra and are confident that the synergies between our two organizations will enable our consultants to provide best-in-class bioinformatics services to the life science industry," said BISC Global CEO Maarten Braspenning.

Excelra CEO Anandbir Singh Brar said, "The acquisition of BISC Global is a strategic move that enhances our capabilities and expands our reach in the bioinformatics field. The combined entity will be amongst the industry leaders in bioinformatics platforms and services, and will have a major positive impact on the future of bioinformatics and the life science industry."

The acquisition creates a game-changing bioinformatics powerhouse, committed to driving innovation at the intersection of science and technology.

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