Xiao-I Corporation Secures Major Contract with Multinational Health Tech Conglomerate to Revolutionize Knowledge Management

07 June 2024 | Friday | News

AI Leader Xiao-I to Transform Knowledge Management in Consumer Electronics and Health Technology with Innovative Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Xiao-I Corporation , a leading AI company, announces a contract is secured from a renowned multinational conglomerate in the health technology sector base in China. This contract is set to revolutionize knowledge management practices within the consumer electronics and health technology industries.

In the dynamic realms of consumer electronics and health technology, managing extensive knowledge resources effectively presents numerous challenges. Companies often grapple with scattered information across multiple departments, the constant threat of outdated content, cultural and platform-specific barriers to knowledge sharing, and the necessity of maintaining a cohesive and current knowledge base that caters to a varied workforce.

Xiao-I introduces its Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform, a comprehensive solution offering intelligent and unified knowledge management and application services. Designed to collect and intelligently apply knowledge resources, this platform facilitates collaboration and sharing across different departments and centers. Key advantages include AI-assisted content editing, intelligent knowledge operations, efficient process approval, combinatorial and intelligent search capabilities, intelligent knowledge recommendation, multi-model knowledge display, multi-scenario application tools, and multi-channel knowledge push.

By integrating Xiao-I's AI Intelligent Knowledge Management Platform, Xiao-I's partner aims to streamline its knowledge management processes. The platform's intelligent operations will automate tasks such as classification, duplicate checking, and FAQ splitting, reducing the burden on maintainers and ensuring that knowledge remains current and relevant. Intelligent search and recommendation features empower employees to quickly access the information they need, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Additionally, multi-model knowledge display and multi-scenario application tools cater to diverse business needs, enhancing cross-functional teamwork and decision-making.

The adoption of Xiao-I's AI-powered platform signifies a major step forward for consumer electronics and health technology in leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize its knowledge management strategy. This platform addresses immediate pain points while positioning the Company at the forefront of innovation within the consumer electronics and health technology industries.


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