Alma Veil™ Launched for U.S. Market by Sisram Medical's Alma

26 July 2023 | Wednesday | News

Alma, a global leader in the energy-based medical and aesthetic solutions industry, proudly announces the commercial availability of Alma Veil™. This advanced, dual-wavelength vascular laser workstation establishes a new standard in excellence by optimizing efficiency with remarkable efficacy across a comprehensive range of vascular and dermatological conditions.

Alma Veil is the core instrument equipped with three gold-standard technologies conveniently integrated into a single handpiece:

  • 532 nm laser: specifically designed to target and address superficial vascular conditions
  • 1064 nm laser: uniquely calibrated to address deeper vascular structures, and exceptionally safe for use on darker skin types
  • MicroPulse™ mode: offers a no-downtime skin renewal treatment, making it a versatile solution for all skin types

"At first glance, Alma Veil might seem like an ordinary 532/1064 nm vascular laser but having rigorously tested the device with a wide variety of 'real-world' vascular conditions (N=51), we've found it to be extraordinarily innovative," commented Jeffrey Hsu, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Oak Dermatology, based in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. "The most noticeable distinction my staff and I observed is the impressive degree of reliability this device has to offer. Furthermore, we're achieving our desired outcomes much faster than what we've typically seen with a 532/1064 nm vascular laser."

One distinct feature that sets Alma Veil apart is its proprietary laser energy delivery – DermaCore™ Delivery. Breaking away from the conventional flat-top beam profile, this innovative feature provides a unique pulse range, meticulously calibrated to simultaneously target both large and small vascular structures with each pulse, resulting in treatments that are more efficient and effective. In a pilot split-face study (N=4)[1]Alma Veil demonstrated higher efficacy when compared to a leading 532/1064 nm vascular laser, while operating at lower energy settings, thereby enhancing patient comfort.

"We are extremely excited to be making our entrance into the vascular laser market, a significant cornerstone of any dermatology practice," expressed Keith Adams, President of Alma. "Staying true to our innovative spirit, we are not just entering the market – we have set our sights on fundamentally transforming it."


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