Envac Wins €10 Million Contracts to Enhance Waste Management in French Hospitals

22 May 2024 | Wednesday | News

Innovative Automated Waste Collection System to Enhance Safety, Hygiene, and Sustainability at New Artois Metropolitan Hospital and Lariboisière – Fernand-Widal AP-HP Hospital
(Source: www.envacgroup.com - 3D illustration of Envac system in healthcare/hospital environment)

(Source: www.envacgroup.com - 3D illustration of Envac system in healthcare/hospital environment)

Smart waste management in hospitals has been increasingly important for achieving the higher standards of safety and environmental expectation required by patients and staff compared with other sectors.

The Envac Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) is an excellent application for the hospitals' needs by efficiently transporting all types of waste and soiled linen through sealed pipe networks. This technology has received considerable attention from many prominent hospital projects worldwide.

Recently, due to benefits of the AWCS, Envac successfully acquired two new tenders in France worth almost 10 million euros. Envac's automated waste collection system can be designed to handle several waste fractions / categories within the pipe network according to requirements This advanced waste management system improves the hospital's overall cleanliness and sanitation while promoting sustainability efforts. This is seen through better recycling outcomes and the absence of conventional carts blocking corridors and elevators thus creating a safer environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

The closed system design minimizes the spread of infections, direct transmission, and accidents. Furthermore, the inlets can be fitted with touchless technology that uses sensors for access control. The sensors recognize if the product is waste, recyclables, laundry, or infectious waste, that is being disposed of.

Reducing manual handling of laundry and waste is not only beneficial from a health perspective, but it is also cost-efficient. The automatic transportation of waste also reduces the need for a large expensive workforce of hospital staff around the clock required to handle the transport and sorting of laundry and waste.

Envac will deploy their cutting-edge technology in the New Artois Metropolitan Hospital in Lens and the Lariboisière – Fernand-Widal AP-HP Hospital in Paris.

Envac will install a pneumatic waste collection system for non-clinical waste and soiled linen in both hospitals as part of the contracts. The New Artois Metropolitan Hospital in Lens will also benefit from a separate system and pipe network for collecting and converting infectious waste to non-infectious onsite. 

These new contracts will bring the total number of hospitals in France equipped with Envac's technology to six, demonstrating the company's continued success in the French market. Envac's state-of-the-art waste collection systems help hospitals improve their waste management processes, making them more efficient, sustainable, and hygienic.

Envac looks forward to continuing to lead the way in sustainable waste management across the globe.


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