Eisai and nippon medac Launch Metoject® Subcutaneous Injection Pen for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Japan

23 May 2024 | Thursday | News

First self-administrable MTX injection pen aims to enhance patient safety and convenience


Eisai Co., Ltd. and nippon medac Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the medac group, announced the launch of the anti-rheumatic agent "Metoject® Subcutaneous Injection 7.5mg Pen 0.15mL, 10mg Pen 0.20mL, 12.5mg Pen 0.25mL, and 15mg Pen 0.30mL" (methotrexate, "MTX") in Japan. The product, which received manufacturing and marketing approval on February 15, 2024, has been added to Japan’s National Health Insurance Drug Price List today. Under a 2019 license agreement between Eisai and medac GmbH, nippon medac holds the marketing authorization for Metoject, while Eisai manages product distribution in Japan.

With an estimated 700,000 to 800,000 rheumatoid arthritis patients in Japan, MTX remains the first-line treatment for this condition. The newly launched Metoject Subcutaneous Injection Pen, the first of its kind in Japan, allows patients to self-administer MTX with ease, reducing the burden and improving safety. The pen's design ensures a simple two-step injection process, featuring a built-in needle cover to prevent accidental skin punctures and enhance user safety.

"Eisai has a strong presence and extensive experience in the rheumatoid arthritis market in Japan," said Naoki Sawada, President of Eisai Japan. "Adding Metoject Subcutaneous Injection Pen to our product lineup further supports our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of rheumatoid arthritis patients and enhancing their treatment experience."

Hirohisa Iriyama, Representative Director and President of nippon medac, added, "Introducing Metoject Subcutaneous Injection Pen offers rheumatoid arthritis patients a new, user-friendly treatment option, enabling safe and secure self-injection. nippon medac is dedicated to contributing to patient-centric rheumatoid arthritis care."


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