AdvanCell Doses First Patient in 212Pb-ADVC001 Clinical Trial for Metastatic Prostate Cancer in Australia

09 November 2023 | Thursday | News

AdvanCell, a radiopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of Targeted Alpha Therapies for cancer patients, announced the first patient was treated with 212Pb-ADVC001, a Targeted Alpha Therapy in development for the treatment of PSMA-positive metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC).
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

“The first patient dosed with an AdvanCell therapeutic candidate represents a major milestone for the Company, our scientists, clinical trial sites, and our patients,” said Andrew Adamovich, CEO of AdvanCell. “We believe that 212Pb is the ideal radioisotope to realise the full therapeutic power of Targeted Alpha Therapy. This promise is strongly supported by preclinical results for 212Pb-ADVC001, which demonstrate the potential for best-in-class safety and efficacy.”

“Patients with metastatic prostate cancer continue to benefit from advances in radiopharmaceutical treatment options,” said Ken Herrmann, MD, AdvanCell Advisory Board member and Chair of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Universitätsklinikum Essen in Germany. “We are excited to be moving this 212Pb-based therapy forward in the TheraPb clinical study.”

Since November 2020, AdvanCell has:

  • Developed the world’s first 212Pb-based Targeted Alpha Therapy to enter clinical trials in metastatic prostate cancer.
  • Invented proprietary platform technology that enables scalable manufacture of 212Pb, the ideal radioisotope to treat cancer.
  • Signed a letter of intent with a world-class radiopharmaceutical company to collaborate on a global 212Pb radioisotope and radioligand supply chain and drug manufacturing network.
  • Developed a proprietary target discovery and ligand development program encompassing a robust pipeline of Targeted Alpha Therapies to treat cancer.
  • Raised US $13M from world-class investors including Morningside and awarded $10M in non-dilutive grant funding,
  • Participated in the Cancer Lethality Lead Collaboration, which was awarded $10M from the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s TACTICAL Awards program, in collaboration with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Uniklinik Essen, University of California Los Angeles, and University of California San Francisco.
  • Built a 25-person world-class team across Australia and the United States and secured a 35,000-square-foot flagship manufacturing facility with plans to expand globally.


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