Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Advanced Solutions to Boost Research Efficiency at ASMS Conference

04 June 2024 | Tuesday | News

New Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Instruments Enhance Productivity, Reliability, and Sensitivity in Translational Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced new solutions aimed at accelerating research workflows, unveiled at the annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Anaheim, California. These innovations in mass spectrometry, chromatography instruments, and software solutions are designed to unlock deeper analytical insights with built-for-purpose flexibility, improving productivity and efficiency in translational research workflows.


“As we look to best serve our customers, we noted a need for built-for-purpose solutions designed for their unique application areas that help them take key findings from compounds to clinical research,” said August Specht, vice president, R&D, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Pairing our industry-leading instruments with best-in-class software solutions and workflows helps deliver on this promise, empowering key research findings of today to translate into the precision medicines of tomorrow.”

Building on the success of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap™ Astral™ mass spectrometer (MS), the new Thermo Scientific Stellar™ MS is revolutionizing translational omics research at an unprecedented scale. The Stellar MS enhances biomarker verification by providing fast and sensitive quantitation, capable of confirming and verifying all significant biomarkers. With a design that integrates the quantitative performance of a triple quadrupole and the single-cell sensitivity of linear ion trap analyzers, the Stellar MS offers 10 times the quantitative sensitivity for 5 times more compounds at scale compared to existing technologies.

To support the growing need for high-throughput omics research, the new Thermo Scientific Vanquish™ Neo ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system with Tandem Direct Injection workflow significantly increases sample throughput. This workflow provides up to a ~70% increase in samples per day, decreases carryover, and achieves more than 90% mass spectrometer utilization. It is an ideal companion to high-throughput mass spectrometers such as Orbitrap Astral MS or Stellar MS.

To further enhance research capabilities, Thermo Fisher unveiled three new editions of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid™ mass spectrometers, tailored to specific application areas: the MultiOmics Edition, Structural Biology Edition, and BioPharma Edition. These new editions feature enhanced hardware, including a Native MS option and a dry pump for improved sustainability and performance.

Later this year, the Thermo Scientific TMTpro 32plex Label Reagents will be launched, enabling analysis of up to 32 samples in a single LC-MS injection. This advancement in multiplexing is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high throughput and depth of coverage, such as chemoproteomics, peptidomics, and single-cell proteomics.

To support the increased need for seamless data integration and management, the Thermo Scientific Ardia™ platform offers end-to-end workflow support and centralizes data and instrument management across multiple systems. New capabilities include enhanced security, connectivity, and improved support for the Orbitrap Astral MS and Stellar MS.

Updated software such as Compound Discoverer 3.4, support for third-party software, Ardia Core 1.1 SW, Proteome Discoverer 3.2, and Ardia Platform Data Sync tool 1.1, provide enterprise-level data handling capabilities. These tools enable users to manage, process, and share data more efficiently, breaking down silos and accelerating the understanding of new diagnostics and therapies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's new analytical instruments and workflow capabilities are set to significantly improve productivity, reliability, and sensitivity in discovery, translational, and clinical research, empowering scientists to make breakthrough discoveries more efficiently.


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