MGI announces partnership with Nalagenetics to advance personalized medicine

19 April 2022 | Tuesday | News

The partnership will address some critical issues in pharmacogenetic assay through sequencing workflows improvement
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

MGI, a company committed to being a world-leading life science innovator, today announced a partnership with Nalagenetics (NALA) to co-develop low coverage whole genome sequencing for risk prediction and population genomics through optimizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflow based on MGI sequencing devices and products*.

The collaboration aims to use NALA's Clinical Decision Support, a software medical device, to be able to analyze whole genome sequencing data sets generated by MGI's DNBSEQ sequencing platform* and generate clinical-grade reports for pharmacogenomics and polygenic risk scores. Although NGS has been known to be an effective way to capture a large amount of genomic information to guide and tailor clinical management and treatment[1], NGS workflows are complicated and not trivial to adopt in clinical settings. NALA is dedicated itself to helping implement clinical genetic testing in Southeast Asia. It has strong expertise in pharmacogenetics, population genomics, assay development, and AI-linked genetics analysis for pharmacological phenotypes and risk prediction.

"Genetic testing adoption in Southeast Asia is still low despite interest from customers, as Next Generation Sequencing is a multi-step process that can be complex and difficult to implement in existing settings. The partnership with Nalagenetics will merge both our expertise and bring about a simplified Next Generation Sequencing workflow with automation, sequencing primer design and process QC within current healthcare framework," said Dr. Roy Tan, General Manager, MGI Asia Pacific.

"We see more and more hospitals adopting sequencing for personalization of medicine in oncology, cardiovascular conditions, and others. One of the biggest challenges is recommending follow up action that makes sense for the local market, for example, list of alternative therapies and screening procedures that lead to cost-effectiveness. We are glad to work with MGI to co-develop products and offer services to answer local needs," said Levana Sani, CEO of Nalagenetics.


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