Preclinical Data Reveals Promising Long-Term Immune Response from PIV5-based Intranasal Lyme Disease Vaccine

16 February 2024 | Friday | News

CyanVac LLC and Immuno Technologies, Inc. have unveiled groundbreaking preclinical findings published in NPJ Vaccines, demonstrating the efficacy of a PIV5-based intranasal vaccine against Lyme disease.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The research showcases mice inoculated with this innovative vaccine exhibiting enduring neutralizing antibody responses, providing protection for up to 15 months against various strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease.

Dr. Biao He, CyanVac's founder and CEO, emphasized the significance of the study's outcomes, stating, "Vaccines developed using our proprietary PIV5-based platform have generated long-term immune responses for a range of pathogens in preclinical models and have demonstrated very encouraging human results in RSV and COVID-19." Dr. He underscored the platform's versatility in addressing emerging and established pathogens swiftly, aligning with evolving public health needs.

Lyme disease poses a substantial public health concern, particularly in regions heavily impacted by infected deer ticks. The absence of a licensed vaccine compounds the challenge, as Lyme disease affects over 450,000 individuals annually in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions of the US. While most cases respond well to antibiotics, a subset can progress into debilitating forms with diverse clinical manifestations.

The published article titled "Intranasal vaccine for Lyme disease provides protection against tick-transmitted Borrelia burgdorferi beyond one year" details the superior protection offered by the PIV5-based intranasal vaccine compared to a subcutaneous vaccine control. Notably, mice vaccinated intranasally maintained higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against B. burgdorferi for up to 18 months post-immunization, highlighting the sustained efficacy of the vaccine.

Dr. He emphasized the potential of their vaccine technology in bridging existing gaps in Lyme disease prevention, especially given the complexities associated with current vaccine candidates requiring multiple injections. The preclinical data underscore the promise of long-lasting protection post-immunization, marking a significant advancement in Lyme disease vaccine development.


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