GeneQuantum and InxMed Partner for Innovative ADC Drug Research

17 July 2023 | Monday | News

On July 14, 2023, GeneQuantum, a leading pioneer committed to innovative bioconjugation technology, and InxMed, a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicates on developing innovative therapies targeting drug resistance for hard-to-treat solid tumors, signed a collaboration agreement. GeneQuantum granted non-exclusive licensing of its proprietary conjugation technology to InxMed, supporting the development of the next generation of targeted conjugate ADC drugs.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

According to the agreement, GeneQuantum will provide InxMed with its independently developed, globally leading technologies in site-specific glycan conjugation, stable linker small molecule technology, and intelligent continuous conjugation production platform. This will support InxMed in developing innovative ADC drugs. The agreement was signed following the successful concept validation results of the candidate drugs developed by both parties. After the agreement is signed, GeneQuantum will receive an upfront payment and will be eligible for milestone payments related to specific research and development progress and sales. They will also receive royalties based on the net commercial sales of the ADC products.

After the agreement is signed, InxMed will have the right to use GeneQuantum's enzymatic site-specific conjugation technology on the candidate molecules mentioned above. InxMed will be responsible for the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the ADC candidate molecules. This collaboration will enable both parties to leverage their respective technological advantages and resources, accelerate the research and development process of innovative ADC drugs, and provide more treatment options for patients worldwide.

Dr. Gang Qin, the founder and chairman of GeneQuantum, stated, "We are pleased to collaborate with InxMed. Founded by globally renowned clinical and translational medicine expert, Dr. Zaiqi Wang, InxMed possesses profound insights and extensive experience in target selection and innovative drug development. We are honored that InxMed has chosen GeneQuantum's next-generation site-specific glycan conjugation technology (iGDC) after a comprehensive evaluation of global ADC conjugation technologies. Over the past decade, GeneQuantum has built a strong foundation in proprietary conjugation technology and integrated commercialization solutions. With iGDC as a leading example of the new generation of site-specific conjugation technology, GeneQuantum has gained significant industry attention and recognition. We believe that in combination with GeneQuantum's intelligent continuous conjugation process technology, iGDC will empower a diverse range of monoclonal and bispecific antibodies with abundant target options, transforming them into leading biopharmaceutical conjugate therapies, achieving safe and efficient therapeutic outcomes. We will continue to maintain an open mindset, sharing resources and advantages with the upstream and downstream sectors of the innovative drug industry chain, and jointly build an industry ecosystem. We will spare no effort to support InxMed in advancing its core products to the clinical stage as quickly as possible."

Dr. Zaiqi Wang, founder, chairman, and CEO of InxMed, stated, "We are pleased to collaborate with GeneQuantum in this partnership. InxMed has made significant breakthroughs in the field of tumor resistance and metastasis. Through various types of drugs, including ADC, InxMed aims to better address this vast unmet clinical need."


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