BioAro and MyCare Revolutionize Genetic Testing, Advancing Detection of Serious Diseases

12 February 2024 | Monday | News

Whole Genome Sequencing Offers Personalized Health Insights, Empowering Individuals to Take Control of Their Genetic Destiny
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

BioAro Inc., a leading international biotechnology company, has partnered with Assured Diagnostics Inc. to make their cutting-edge Whole Genome Sequencing tests available online across North America. Through Assured Diagnostics Inc.'s MyCare health programs on, individuals can now access highly confidential tests that unveil their complete DNA sequence. BioAro's Whole Genome Sequencing analyzes over 20,000 genes, decoding every chromosome to reveal crucial biomarkers for serious diseases, longevity, and healthspan.

This groundbreaking achievement not only signifies a leap forward in genetic comprehension but also empowers individuals with the proactive ability to optimize their health, extend longevity, and enhance overall well-being. By offering personalized medicines, customized nutrition plans, and health regimens based on individual biomarkers and genetic markers, individuals and healthcare practitioners can now work together to optimize health and longevity.

The initiative aims to democratize access to personalized healthcare, empowering individuals to proactively manage and enhance their well-being. BioAro's commitment to health equity and quality is evident in this supercharged personalized healthcare experience, available online with just a click.

"Whole Genome Sequencing empowers individuals to take charge of their genetic destiny, offering control over longevity and healthspan. By collaborating with healthcare providers, people can proactively engage in personalized strategies for prevention, monitoring, and early detection, contributing to a longer, healthier life based on their unique genetic makeup. Our goal is to empower individuals to be the CEO of their health," says Raman Kapoor, B.Sc, RD, Chief Healthspan Officer, BioAro.

"WGS will be promoted on the website. Ordering is as simple as making the request and ordering/purchasing online. BioAro then sends the test kit to the client's preferred address. BioAro handles all order processing, performs the test and responds with detailed test results and recommendations based on test outcomes. US residents can also visit to purchase a test in USD," says Liz Bryant, CEO of Assured Diagnostics Inc., trademarked as MyCare.

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