WuXi XDC Partners with Multitude and HySlink for Accelerated ADC Discovery and Development

31 January 2024 | Wednesday | News

WuXi XDC , a leading global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) focused on ADC and the other types of bioconjugate market; and Multitude Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company renowned for ADC platform technologies, announced that they have reached a comprehensive partnership in drug-linker technology, which is co-developed with HySlink Therapeutics ("HySlink"), and CRDMO services spanning from discovery to commercialization. WuXi XDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with HySlink on the same day.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

WuXi XDC will provide a fully integrated, one-stop bioconjugate platform and end-to-end CRDMO services. As WuXi XDC's strategic partner, Multitude Therapeutics will provide proprietary T-Moiety linker technologies, co-developed with HySlink. Both parties will synergize their strengths to build more efficient ADC technology in terms of novel T-moiety linkers, camptothecin derivative conjugation and high DAR value, among others. This platformization of new technologies will enable our clients to accelerate the discovery of preclinical ADC candidates (PCCs) and develop more novel bioconjugates; and improve the development efficiency and rate of success.

Dr. Jimmy Li, CEO of WuXi XDCcommented, "The proprietary drug-linker technology has unique advantages and, when fused with our open-access bioconjugate platform, enables customers to achieve rapid delivery of T-moiety exatecan ADC preclinical candidates, with the potential benefit of expanding the therapeutic window of existing ADC drugs. We are pleased to join hands with Multitude to remain continuously innovative and enhance our technological capabilities to meet our clients' needs. By leveraging our full range of in-depth industry expertise, we are on the path to creating the world's leading bioconjugate platform, which empowers the industry, broadly, deeply and fully. "

Multitude and HySlink, stated"WuXi XDC has exceptional capability as a leading global CRDMO. We are very excited to form a strong alliance in the technical area. Our proprietary new T-Moiety linker can significantly enhance the therapeutic effect of ADCs. The higher stability of the linker and the hydrophilic shielding effect can improve the overall stability of antibody-drug conjugates, extend the drug's half-life, and potentially overcome multi-drug resistance in tumors. Without increasing side effects, it can further enhance the therapeutic window of existing ADC drugs (related research was published in Cancer Discovery 2023;13(4):950-73). Our collaboration aims to help more ADC developers gain stable and rapid access to these payload linkers, in a bid to benefit patients worldwide."


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