PulseAI's AI Algorithm Revolutionizes Consumer ECG Diagnostics

15 January 2024 | Monday | News

Innovative AI Application Improves Cardiac Monitoring and Diagnostic Accuracy
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

PulseAI, a leader in artificial intelligence healthcare solutions,  announced a significant advancement in consumer device electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. Published in the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal, the new study titled "Reducing the Burden of Inconclusive Smart-Device Single-lead ECG Tracings via a Novel Artificial Intelligence Algorithm" showcases the impactful role of PulseAI's neural network algorithm in cardiac monitoring.

The study was conducted by a team of cardiologists and researchers at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. The results demonstrate that PulseAI's neural network algorithm significantly reduces inconclusive diagnoses from commercially available consumer ECG devices by Apple, Samsung, AliveCor and Fitbit. This innovation enhances the accuracy of atrial fibrillation (AF) detection, a leading precursor to stroke, improving specificity and sensitivity compared to existing algorithms from each device manufacturer.

"We assessed the accuracy of smartwatches in a previous study and found a surprisingly high amount of inconclusive ECGs", said Dr. Patrick Badertscher, principal investigator and cardiac electrophysiologist at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. "This study confirms that the use of AI solutions may be extended to smart-device ECGs rhythm classification. The proposed AI-based algorithm could be valuable to assist physicians with managing the large amount of data in the detection of AF using smart-devices and will likely alleviate the clinical burden represented by the manual review of smart-device ECGs.

"This development marks a new era in cardiac healthcare," said Dr. Alan Kennedy, CEO of PulseAI. "Our AI algorithm's ability to provide clear, accurate diagnostic readings from consumer devices will dramatically improve how we monitor and diagnose heart conditions at scale, making cardiac diagnostics more efficient and accessible for patients worldwide."

The research highlights the challenge of high rates of inconclusive readings from consumer ECG devices. PulseAI's algorithm offers a reliable, cross-platform solution that integrates seamlessly with various consumer and clinical ECG devices. PulseAI is committed to leveraging AI to enhance healthcare outcomes and patient care. This latest advancement underscores the company's dedication to innovation in digital health.


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