Zuellig Pharma Launches eZRx+: Enhancing Healthcare Purchasing for Pharmacies and Clinics in Asia

18 June 2024 | Tuesday | News

Enhanced eZRx+ Platform Offers Intuitive Self-Order Process, Real-Time Tracking, and AI-Powered Support, Streamlining Procurement for Over 61,000 Users Across Nine Markets
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Zuellig Pharma, a leading healthcare solutions company in Asia, has  announced that it has launched eZRx+, an enhanced version of its premier self-service B2B eCommerce  healthcare purchasing platform, which has been tailored exclusively for pharmacies and clinics in the  region. 

The award-winning eZRx platform, a feature-rich and user-friendly portal for healthcare businesses to  place orders directly for prescription drugs, medical devices and consumer health products, first made  its debut in 2020 and has become ASEAN’s largest digital B2B healthcare e-commerce platform. With  added accessibility through both web platform and mobile application, eZRx+ now supports more than  61,000 users and 65,000 products across the region in 9 markets, and has transformed traditional  purchasing behaviour, boosting efficiency as orders can be made 24/7 without an intermediary.  

With the new eZRx+, Zuellig Pharma customers can experience a more intuitive and direct self-order  process with real-time order tracking, live notifications, an AI-powered chatbot, and seamless order,  payments and returns management. eZRx+ aims to be the quickest, easiest and most accurate method  for pharmacists and purchasers to place orders, while allowing them access to competitive deals and  promotions on a wide range of healthcare products through an enhanced user interface. 

“Zuellig Pharma has made great strides in developing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ and  their patients’ needs, as part of our mission of making healthcare more accessible. As an integrated  healthcare solutions company in Asia, we take pride in building end-to-end innovations that create a connected healthcare ecosystem, with patient centricity at its core,” said John Graham, Group CEO,  Zuellig Pharma. 

“By centralising purchasing through eZRx+, healthcare organisations can streamline their procurement  processes, reducing the time and effort spent on sourcing essential medical supplies. This allows them to dedicate a greater focus on patient care.” 

eZRx+ is currently available to customers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines,  Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 


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