Elekta optimizes treatment times for cancer patients

07 July 2021 | Wednesday | News

Elekta in the forefront of service innovation through first radiotherapy system availability patent and to optimizes time via proactive service innovation
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

For the last several years, Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) has invested substantially in digitized service solutions to keep critical treatment machines up and running at cancer clinics, thereby ensuring that patients receive timely radiotherapy. Among these solutions is the remote exchange of technical system data between Elekta remote service centers and linear accelerators installed at hospitals worldwide.

Using Elekta IntelliMax® real-time, remote system data monitoring, Elekta keeps a watchful eye on more than 80 percent of the company's linear accelerators installed around the world. IntelliMax constantly tracks these systems' functionality and technical status to ensure timely prevention or repair of issues. Elekta recently received its first patent for an IntelliMax capability that can help radiotherapy departments preserve the functionality of a crucial component of the technology used to treat patients.

Service innovation supports Access 2025 strategy

"Innovations such as IntelliMax are in harmony with our overall service strategy," says Paul Bergström, Executive Vice President, Global Service. "As our technology advances, it is critical to ensure its serviceability and maintenance progresses. Elekta is changing the equipment service paradigm – rather than responding reactively, our service model is centered on our strategy of lifelong partnership with our customers, proactively ensuring treatment systems are available when needed. Through IntelliMax, we can attend to systems during hours when it's convenient to our customers and, through this, create increased access for patients."

IntelliMax enables remote as well as onsite proactive system maintenance. In 2020, IntelliMax ensured that more than 200,000 patient treatment slots could continue without interruption.

"This patent for Elekta service is a fantastic milestone on our digitalization journey," adds Paul Bergström. "It is the first of several pending patent applications focused on improving the serviceability of our solutions. We are going to improve the 'predictability-to-treat' for customers – in other words, giving them the certainty that the treatment system is available for clinical use if and when they need it for life-saving, life-prolonging cancer treatments."


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