Ractigen Therapeutics Partners with Utrecht Medical Center for saRNA Innovation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

30 January 2024 | Tuesday | News

Ractigen Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company leading the charge in small activating RNA (saRNA) therapeutics, announces a formal collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht, affiliated with Utrecht University. This strategic alliance unites their respective strengths to advance the development of saRNA-based treatments for a spectrum of intractable neurodevelopmental disorders.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Professor Bobby Koeleman, Group Leader at the Department of Genetics within the Center for Molecular Medicine at Utrecht University, will lead the collaboration with Ractigen Therapeutics. By synergistically leveraging Ractigen's cutting-edge saRNA discovery platform, medicinal chemistry expertise, and innovative oligonucleotide delivery systems, the partnership aims to translate promising preclinical research into clinically efficacious therapeutics. Professor Koeleman's research team, lauded for their work in elucidating the genetic underpinnings of severe childhood epilepsies, will contribute novel gene targets brimming with therapeutic potential.

This partnership represents a practical approach to integrating academic research with industry capabilities to develop potential treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. Through this collaboration, Ractigen's technology and Utrecht University's research are expected to contribute significantly to the field of saRNA therapeutics and therapeutic development for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Long-Cheng Li, CEO of Ractigen Therapeutics, commented on the collaboration: "Our partnership with Utrecht University represents a significant step forward in our mission to develop innovative therapies for challenging genetic disorders. By combining our RNAa technology and advanced delivery systems with Utrecht's impactful research, we believe we can make a real difference in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders."


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