SayHeart and Kindlehouse Dentistry Partner for AI-Powered Dental X-Ray Text Transformation Pilot

04 August 2023 | Friday | News

SayHeart, the groundbreaking health tech firm, is excited to announce the beginning of its pilot testing phase for a revolutionary visual-to-text transformation feature, focusing on dental X-ray images. This advanced AI-driven solution is aimed at demystifying complex medical imaging, transforming them into easily understandable narratives.

The partnership with Kindlehouse Dentistry, a well-regarded local practice in Malaysia, marks the real-world application of SayHeart's AI technology in a live dental care environment. The collaboration is set to significantly cut down the time spent on image analysis and interpretation by dentists.

"SayHeart's AI technology is adept at identifying key dental health markers in X-ray images, including potential decay, crowns, fillings, impacted teeth, and bone levels," states the SayHeart co-founder, Khong Loon "This technology moves beyond mere detection - it provides clear, actionable insights that pave the way for enhanced dental care quality."

Dr. Lee Chian Yin, the founder of Kindlehouse Dental Clinic, shared her excitement about the partnership: "Integrating SayHeart's innovative AI technology into our practice represents a promising leap in modern dentistry. We expect a marked increase in our service efficiency, and most importantly, we envision a future where our patients are more informed and more in control of their oral health. This is truly empowering."

With the unique blend of SayHeart's AI prowess and Kindlehouse Dentistry's commitment to comprehensive oral care, the dental healthcare landscape is set to change significantly - making health data not only more accessible but also engaging and empowering for everyone involved.

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