GenNext Technologies announces second US protein footprinting patent

10 December 2021 | Friday | News

GenNext Technologies, Inc., a growth-stage company providing instrumentation, software, and services, announced today that it has earned a second seminal patent protecting the company’s novel radical dosimetry technology which vastly improves the utility of protein footprinting for the study of biopharmaceutical structure, function, and safety.
The Flash Oxidation (Fox™) System for HRPF analysis

The Flash Oxidation (Fox™) System for HRPF analysis

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Patent US 11,181,529 B2: "Radical Dosimetry for the Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals and Biological Molecules." This patent protects the company’s novel core technology and Intellectual Property (IP) that enables real-time assessment of protein footprinting chemical reactions with robust accuracy and reproducibility, while substantially improving ease-of-use.

Specifically, this patent protects GenNext’s novel approach to determining protein tertiary and quaternary structure, along with associated conformation, of a given biomolecule. This insight enables researchers to develop superior biosimilars and biotherapeutics that limit or eliminate adverse drug reactions while increasing the drug’s efficacy.

The mission of GenNext is to help researchers elucidate, through protein footprinting, the critical role that Higher Order Structure (HOS) plays in the safety, stability, and function of biotherapeutics. Although protein footprinting promised to revolutionize drug discovery, adoption has been slow due to the inherent complexity, dangerous instrumentation, and reproducibility challenges of older methods.

"With the launch of our Flash Oxidation (Fox™) System and Services in 2019, we solved these adoption problems by increasing the sensitivity, reproducibility, and ease-of-use of protein footprinting," said Scot R. Weinberger, Founder and CEO of GenNext. "Now that a full-solution HOS technology platform and service is available to the structural biology research community, we’ve seen a surging adoption of this powerful technique by leading US and EU biopharmaceutical companies. We’re delighted to receive our second US patent as validation of our leadership in commercializing novel and robust protein footprinting technology."

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