Launch of the new MolecuLightDX device™

15 October 2021 | Friday | News

Launch of new MolecuLightDX device™ to enable point-of-care imagery of wounds in new expanding market segments

The MolecuLight platform is becoming the standard of care for real-time imaging of elevated bacterial load on wounds in all wound care settings

 MolecuLight Inc.,the leader in point-of-care fluorescence imaging for real-time detection of wounds containing elevated bacterial loads, today announced the launch of MolecuLightDX™, a new point-of-care device model aimed at the unique needs of new expanding wound care market segments in the United States. The DX is an expansion of molecuLight's product line and complements the MolecuLight i:X®, the "workhorse" wound imaging device that has quickly become a standard in wound care practices worldwide, with more than 2,000 units sold.


"The i:Xand DX are the only point-of-care devices available on the market that enable real-time detection of a high bacterial load on wounds. With the introduction of the MolecuLightDX,we are delighted to expand our product line and provide additional functionality for these segments of the wound care market," says Anil Amlani, CEO of MolecuLight.

Specifically, the MolecuLightDX has the following new features that are frequently required in these segments:

  • Extensive RME (Electronic Medical Record) integration options for multiple RME environments.
  • Patient-centric user interface and workflow that allows for easy patient and wound tracking.
  • An administrator workflow and system configura capability, and
  • Coupling system to facilitate the charging of the device.

Like the i:X,the DX has the same fast and accurate digital measurement of the wound to document the procedures and the evolution of the wound. As a novelty, the DX has a labelless measurement function that automatically measures the wound surface without the need for labels.

"With the expansion of our product line, we can now offer physicians in any healthcare setting the unmatched capabilities of the MolecuLight platform, with a feature set and price that fits their specific needs," says Amlani. "MolecuLight customers will continue to receive our comprehensive activation and training support on both platforms, including on-site patient training, e-Learning courses, and ongoing in-person and remote certification and support from our Clinical Applications team."

In addition, all MolecuLight procedures will be able to benefit from the refund route available in the United States for the MolecuLight procedure, which is applicable to both MolecuLight i:Xand DXdevices. The reimbursement pathway includes two CPT codes® for the physician's work in performing"fluorescence wound imaging to detect the presence, location, and bacterial load"and payment of the Hospital's Outpatient Department(HOPD)and Outpatient Surgical Center(ASC)facilities through an Outpatient Payment Classification(APC)assignment.

The MolecuLightDX has received FDA clearance for sale in the United States, as well as CE marking and approval from Health Canada for commercial availability in Europe and Canada.

The MolecuLightDX will be on display at the MolecuLight booth at the upcoming clinical conference, SAWC (Symposium on Advanced Wound Care) Fall 2021,on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 9:00 am at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. To request an on-site clinical demonstration of the MolecuLightDX,visit,or email

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