ORTHO OPTIX™ Reader Completes Transfusion Medicine Portfolio

26 July 2021 | Monday | News

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Nasdaq: OCDX), one of the world's largest pure-play in vitro diagnostics companies, today announced its semi-automated ORTHO OPTIX™ Reader, which allows lower-volume transfusion labs to elevate their standard of patient care with the quality of results expected of an automated platform, is now available in Canada.

When paired with the ORTHO™ Workstation, the ORTHO OPTIX Reader provides a complete semi-automated testing platform for transfusion labs with low- to mid-volume throughput. The ORTHO OPTIX Reader has been shown to deliver 99.9% concordance1, demonstrated by the award-winning fully automated ORTHO VISION® Analyzer. The concordant and high-resolution images of the ORTHO OPTIX Reader help to support the technologist during remote review of results from across the laboratory. It also offers larger volume labs and health care networks a way to back-up or scale up their operations without having to invest in an additional full-automation analyzer. 

"We're pleased to announce the launch of the ORTHO OPTIX Reader in Canada, further demonstrating our commitment to provide continuous innovation and improvement in transfusion medicine to the Canadian market", said Andrew Corkum, Ortho's head of transfusion medicine product portfolio. "The ORTHO OPTIX Reader allows every lab, regardless of size, workflow or throughput, the same high quality, standardized results consistent with our ORTHO VISION Analyzers without compromising quality and accuracy."

The ORTHO OPTIX Reader's high-resolution camera captures color, grayscale, front and back images of each test without operator intervention, which provides objective data for automated results interpretation and eliminates the subjectivity and discrepancies associated with human reading of results.

The ORTHO OPTIX Reader leverages the same proven ORTHO ID-MTS™ Gel card Technology as the ORTHO VISION Analyzer and a comprehensive testing menu.

When connected to the customer's laboratory information system, column grades and images can be automatically sent for long-term retention of result interpretations, therefore reducing and/or eliminating the need for manual documentation of results. The system audit log and reporting module enhances traceability and reporting capabilities to keep labs compliant with accreditations and regulations. It also utilizes best-in-class ID-MTS™ Gel Card technology which offers a comprehensive testing menu to help standardize lab practices.

The ORTHO OPTIX Reader is now available in North America.

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