Berry Oncology Launches an Innovative Self-Iterative "HIFI" System

19 May 2022 | Thursday | News

Berry Oncology, a leading company in the global industry for genetic testing and early screening of tumors, recently launched a HIFI system.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The HIFI system consists of HIFI-det liquid biopsy technology and the corresponding HIFI-cal series of algorithms.

With the commercial application of NGS technology, billions of DNA molecules can be simultaneously sequenced, and the changing characteristics of cancer-related biological information can be observed in different omics and different dimensions, which overcomes the deficiency of limited information obtained from previous single omics studies. Combining different information multi-omics methodology can improve the overall performance of cancer detection products.

The advantage of the HIFI system is that it can maintain the iterativeness and scalability of the core model through iterative optimization of biomarkers. This helps continuously optimize performance, reduce technical costs, and avoid cost increases due to increased omics and dimensions, thus making the cost of early screening technology affordable.

Currently, multi-omics cancer research based on NGS technology platforms has become the mainstream method used by leading early cancer screening companies in the world. The massive amount of biological information derived from different omics has also brought new challenges to its analysis, and corresponding algorithms have emerged as needed.

Since its establishment, Berry Oncology has selected cancer biomarkers through multi-omics based on NGS platform, and combined with the corresponding deep learning model. We has developed products covering every cancer processes, including early screening and early diagnosis, minimal residual disease, and recurrence monitoring.

Starting from the first liver cancer early screening product "Liver Screening" launched in August 2020, Berry Oncology has built early cancer screening models from multi-omics and multi-dimensional data, which leads to the emergence of the HIFI system.

Currently, based on the HIFI system, Berry Oncology has published performance data of early screening for liver cancer and multi tumor types (liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer): sensitivity and specificity of early screening for liver cancer reached 95.42% and 97.91%, respectively, and sensitivity and specificity of early screening for multi tumor types reached 87.58% and 99.09%, respectively. The data all reached the top level within the global industry.

Leveraging the HIFI system, Berry Oncology plans to launch one-time early cancer screening product for detecting six major tumor types in 2022, and expects increasing the detected tumor types in the next few years, while improving screening performance, and optimizing the HIFI technology. The ultimate goal is that successfully detecting "20+" tumor types through one-time blood draw.

Dr. Jiayan Wu, Head of Berry Oncology Institutes, said that multi-omics cancer research based on NGS platform has become a global technology trend. "The HIFI system, which continuously optimized in the past few years, has demonstrated superior performance, and we designed early cancer screening products through this system, and even serving the needs of every cancer process".

To our best knowledge, Berry Oncology has reached a global-leading level in NGS multi-omics cancer research. Zhou Jun, CEO of the company, said, "As a Chinese enterprise, Berry Oncology not only focuses on the development and transformation of more cutting-edge technologies, but also seeks solutions for the optimal mix of cost and performance. We are looking forward to cooperate with all relevant stakeholders - such as insurance companies and Internet healthcare platforms - to create a truly innovative and accessible ecosystem for cancer prevention".


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