Chinese Researcher Releases Latest Research Results on Early Screening for Multiple Cancers

14 October 2021 | Thursday | News

Head of the Chinese oncology genomic testing company shared their recent findings on early screening for multiple high-risk cancers

Berry Oncology, a Chinese oncology genomic testing company, was invited to the inaugural International Biopharma Industry Week in Shanghai (IBIWS) running from October 11-14, where CEO Jun Zhou delivered a much-anticipated keynote speech at the "2021 Future Healthcare Industry Summit" subforum, unveiling the company's latest research results on early screening for multiple cancers.

The advanced results of the study cover a higher proportion of early-stage patients: 73% of stage I and II samples overall, and 69.6% and 92.9% sensitivity in stage I and II samples respectively, which significantly outperforms data models of other top-tier international companies of its kind.

With the HIFI method, a liquid biopsy, platform-based technology developed by Berry Oncology, a single test can early screen for six major high-risk cancers in China, including liver, lung, gastric, colorectal, esophageal and pancreatic cancers, with an overall sensitivity of 87.6%, specificity of 99.1% and overall TOO (Tissue of Origin) precision in 82% of positive cancers, elevating test performance to an advanced international level. 

Jun Zhou said, "In this multi-cancer early screening study, Berry Oncology specifically chose lung and gastrointestinal cancers as the breakthrough point as they pose the highest threat in terms of morbidity and mortality in China. From the outset of our product design, we specifically took into account the tumorigenic characteristics of the Chinese population and which cancer most urgently needs early screening solutions."

Notably, the detection of pancreatic cancer, one of the most challenging and malignant of cancers, has once again demonstrated the extraordinary performance of Berry Oncology's early screening technology, with a sensitivity and specificity of over 90% and an area under the curve (AUC) of 0.975.

As one of the earliest Chinese companies engaged in the early screening of cancers, Berry Oncology is the first to apply its self-developed HIFI method to the early screening of liver and lung cancers. At CSCO 2021, Berry Oncology announced the results of a pilot study on early screening of lung cancer, in which HIFI technology was validated with an AUC of 0.912 in a sample cohort that better matches the characteristics of Chinese patients, with 80.9% of stage I lung cancers and 89.2% of lung adenocarcinomas.



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