Grindr and Burnett Foundation Aotearoa Partner to Distribute Free HIV Test Kits in New Zealand

25 March 2024 | Monday | News

Expanding Access to HIV Self-Testing for the LGBTQ+ Community
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Grindr and Burnett Foundation Aotearoa Partner to Distribute Free HIV Test Kits in New Zealand


Grindr Inc. (NYSE: GRND), the leading social networking app for the LGBTQ+ community, in partnership with the Burnett Foundation Aotearoa, today announced a groundbreaking initiative to provide free at-home HIV test kits to its users in New Zealand. This collaboration marks an important milestone in the effort to make HIV testing more accessible and is part of Grindr’s global social impact and public health initiative, Grindr for Equality.

Effective immediately, Grindr users in New Zealand can easily request a free HIV self-test kit through direct links in the Grindr app, facilitating access to testing in under a minute. This initiative builds on the success of similar programs launched by Grindr in partnership with public health organizations globally, which have significantly increased access to HIV self-testing.

A Year of Impact: Over 235,000 HIV Test Kits Distributed

The Grindr for Equality initiative has been instrumental in expanding access to HIV self-testing, with over 235,000 test kits distributed worldwide in 2023 alone. By connecting users directly with partner organizations for free testing kits, Grindr has played a pivotal role in reaching individuals who may have never been tested before.

Promoting Safe Sex and Regular Testing in New Zealand

In collaboration with the Burnett Foundation, Grindr has been actively raising awareness about HIV testing and safe sex practices in New Zealand. The availability of HIV self-test kits through the Grindr app aims to encourage regular testing within the community, supporting the Foundation’s goal of zero HIV transmissions in Aotearoa.

A Global Effort to Increase HIV Testing

Steph Niaupari from Grindr for Equality expressed excitement about expanding the initiative to New Zealand, emphasizing the positive impact of in-app access to HIV testing. Joe Rich, Chief Executive of the Burnett Foundation, also highlighted the importance of making HIV self-test kits easily accessible to support sexual health and regular testing in the community.

Overcoming Barriers to Testing

Self-testing offers a discreet and convenient option, removing common barriers such as clinic hours, transportation, and stigma. This is especially beneficial for Grindr users in rural areas or those not open about their sexual orientation. Grindr’s partnership with the Burnett Foundation aims to empower users across New Zealand to take control of their sexual health.

Expanding Access Globally

New Zealand joins a growing list of countries where Grindr users can access free HIV self-test kits directly through the app. This initiative is a testament to Grindr’s commitment to advancing public health within the LGBTQ+ community worldwide, with plans to launch similar programs in other countries.

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