SK Biopharmaceuticals Unveils Vision for Digital Healthcare

14 December 2022 | Wednesday | News

SK Biopharmaceuticals aims to become a 'total healthcare solution provider' as it strengthens its digital business ecosystem under 'Project ZeroTM'
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

SK Biopharmaceuticals plans to showcase wearable devices, including CES® 2023 Innovation Awards winners 'Zero GlassesTM,' 'Zero WiredTM' at the world's most influential tech event

SK Biopharmaceuticals, an innovative global pharmaceutical company, held a media briefing today to introduce its roadmap and vision for its digital healthcare business in Seoul, Korea, ahead of CES 2023, January 5-8 in Las Vegas.


SK Biopharmaceuticals said under the so-called "Project ZeroTM'," it aims to become a "total healthcare solution provider" by optimizing its digital business model and ecosystem. The project includes the development of wearable devices converged with AI and mobile technologies that can offer real-time monitoring and data-driven seizure detection for patients with epilepsy.

The devices under development and that will be showcased at CES 2023 are: "Zero GlassesTM," "Zero WiredTM," "Zero HeadbandTM," "Zero EarbudTM" and "Zero HeadsetTM." Zero Glasses and Zero Wired recently won the CES® 2023 Innovation Awards for outstanding design and engineering.

These wearable devices are all compatible with the "Zero AppTM" that can record seizures and gather bio-signal data in real time, which can be sent for analysis. The name of the project derives from the company's key mission to strive for the potential of "zero seizures" for patients. 

SK Biopharmaceuticals said it will expand beyond the central nervous system to provide digital healthcare solutions for patients with other disorders including cancer, as it moves forward with the project.

"We are pleased to share our digital healthcare vision through Project Zero and wearable devices that will enable us to take a leap forward in becoming a global healthcare solution provider," said Mr. Sun Gwan Hwang, Vice President of SK Biopharmaceuticals' R&D Innovation. "Through our business transformation model, we aim to further augment our digital healthcare capacity that can create value for our patients in the world."

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