MGI Celebrates Grand Opening of Its New State-of-the-Art Demo Lab in Japan

12 September 2022 | Monday | News

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI), a global life science leader and innovator, announced on its first day of IPO in China the grand opening of a new demonstration laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, enhancing Japanese customers' experience.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

MGI has been expanding the operations of its sub-subsidiary, MGI Tech Japan Co., Ltd., by establishing a local office, setting up a warehouse and now building an Experience Center at the new MGI Japan Demonstration Laboratory (Demo Lab) to serve local customers in accessing cutting-edge technologies and innovative new products.

At the Demo Lab, MGI staff will work closely with local researchers, technology providers, service partners, and genomic community partners to provide technical assessments, product trials, clinical workflow validation, new-tech proof-of-concept programs, in addition to other technical support, service, and troubleshooting.

"Since the inception of our operation in Japan, we have emphasized the importance of serving the Japanese community with our local presence, local talents, and local collaborations with customers and partners such as RIKEN," said Dr. Roy Tan, General Manager of MGI Asia-Pacific. "following breakthroughs in the US and European markets with our innovative technologies, we are renewing this commitment and plan to establishing long-term growth with Japanese scientists and customers through the Demo Lab."

"By better understanding the latest genomic needs of Japan, providing early product access, and facilitating collaborative activities to give back to local communities, we believe that we can truly advance science, offer the world the right to another choice, and realize our vision of "leading life science innovation". With that, I am extremely happy to launch the new DNBSEQ-G99 sequencer* in Japan today and grant this top-priority market early access," Dr. Tan added.

Based on MGI's proprietary DNBSEQTM technology*, DNBSEQ-G99* adapts a new patented triangular patterned arrays technology which is deployed for the first time on MGI sequencing flowcells for faster biochemical reactions and higher density in this highly integrated fluid system. At the same time, it has built-in computing modules and integrated cartridge, allowing data analysis to be more integrated and efficient, while ensuring simple and easy sequencing operation. DNBSEQ-G99* is capable of running PE150 within 12 hours with a daily throughput of 96Gb in its dual flowcell operating mode. It supplies a range of read lengths including SE100, PE50, PE100, PE150 as well as SE400 and PE300 in the future.

Spanning over 200 square meters, the Demo Lab is equipped with MGI's latest product portfolio, including sequencers such as DNBSEQ-T7*, DNBSEQ-G400*, and DNBSEQ-G50*, as well as automation systems including MGISP-NE32, MGISP-Smart8, MGISP-960, and MGISP-100 for DNA/RNA extraction, liquid handling, sequencing library preparation and so on. The suite of sequencing products supports a wide range of applications, such as WGS, WES, RNA-Seq, small RNA sequencing, single-cell sequencing, spatial genomics and more. The recent launch of PE300 sequencing capability has also enabled 16S metagenomics sequencing.

To fulfill its commitment to leading life science through innovation, MGI APAC has set up the MGI Agriculture Genome Grant earlier this year to foster innovation and collaboration with research excellence and give back to the community. Two separate Japanese research groups from Shinshu University and The University of Tokyo of Agriculture and Technology are among the winners. With the new Demo Lab, MGI looks forward to enabling the localization of these research collaborations, empowering customers, and partners, and further supporting the advancement of genomics in Japan.


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