Ethypharm Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Mesalazine Suppository by Chinese Affiliate

14 June 2024 | Friday | News

Shanghai Ethypharm Pharmaceuticals Ltd acquires Mesalazine suppository from Jiangsu Anbison Pharmaceutical, reinforcing Ethypharm's commitment to growth and quality treatment in China’s thriving IBD market.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Ethypharm is pleased to announce the acquisition of a suppository form of Mesalazine by its Chinese affiliate, Shanghai Ethypharm Pharmaceuticals Ltd, from the Chinese Company Jiangsu Anbison Pharmaceutical.

Leader in essential medicines for central nervous system, hospital care and internal medicine, Ethypharm's strategy is to continue to grow in its key markets, the five major European Countries and China, as well as internationally with its strong network of distributors. Its growth will be driven by both organic growth and acquisitions.

Mesalazine is a medication used to treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Since 1997, Ethypharm has pioneered the Chinese Mesalazine oral market with Etiasa®, achieving approximately 30% market share.

China is the third-largest market of Mesalazine globally, with mainly oral forms and topical forms accounting for 20% of the total market.

The Mesalazine suppository treatment offers advantages such as providing a more targeted release.

The acquisition will enable Ethypharm to better meet the Chinese patient and healthcare professional demand for quality treatments by offering a full portfolio of Mesalazine forms. It extends the life cycle of one of Ethypharm's leading products.

Denis DELVAL - President and CEO of the Ethypharm Group stated "This acquisition represents a significant milestone for Ethypharm's growth strategy and aligns with the company's commitment to delivering essential medicines to patients. It will accelerate Ethypharm's growth and reinforce Etiasa® leading position in the chinese market."


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