In Asia, and across the globe, the medical device and diagnostic market was boosted by the pandemic and some quick solutions were developed.

11 October 2021 | Monday | Opinion

BioPharma APAC in an Interaction with Angelica Kohlmann who serves as Chairperson of the non-executive Board of the Company. She holds an MD and doctorate in medicine from Hamburg University (GER) reveals more on Medtech trends in a post-pandemic world
Angelica Kohlmann serves as Chairperson , Bloom Diagnostics

Angelica Kohlmann serves as Chairperson , Bloom Diagnostics

  1. What strategic changes have you brought about within the business due to COVID-19?


Bloom Diagnostics decided to make healthcare more accessible long before COVID-19 surged. The goal to allow people to test for certain markers and conditions seamlessly at home while receiving real-time, actionable feedback was set in early 2018. The pandemic helped prove how necessary such tools are and also made people more aware of the possibility of testing at home. Our products will not only be of great value to people during pandemics, but in their everyday lives, be it to test occasionally, or regularly as it is the case when you have a chronic disease. So, COVID-19 didn’t bring any changes other than accelerating our development.


  1. What are the major plans/launches/investments in store for 2022?


After 3.5 years of intense hardware and software development, 2021 was the first year in Bloom Diagnostics’ history where the company made revenue - this is a major milestone. For the next few years, the plan is to grow sales internationally, but also to increase the pipeline. Bloom intends to enter the US market in 2022, and other large markets the year after. Both, geographical growth and pipeline expansion require larger investments. We are grateful that our investors recognize the true value Bloom Diagnostics brings to people and society, and that they are willing to continue supporting us until we reach profitability. Also, many new, strategic investors are approaching us. 


  1. Are you exploring new markets/regions as a part of your growth plan?


Markets, which are underserved in terms of healthcare, are especially important to us. The US, but also Latin American and Asian countries will be targeted. However, Europe, where we are based, and where we have been approved in 27 countries, is target number one until we enter the US.


  1. What new/unique trends do you foresee within the technology, healthcare & life sciences space in the coming years?


The importance of software and data science will continue to grow. Tools will become smarter and more effective. Lessons learnt along the way will have been implemented and as a result, better and faster diagnostics and therapies will become available. To date, technology has made us healthier and allowed us to live longer. This trend will continue.


  1. How is the medical device & diagnostic market evolving in Asia Pacific post-pandemic?


In Asia, and across the globe, the medical device and diagnostic market was boosted by the pandemic and some quick solutions were developed. However, now, it’s about quality and innovation. This will be a greater challenge and only true innovation will be successful in the long run.


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