Eppendorf Introduces Semi-Skirted BioBased PCR Plates, Expanding Sustainable Lab Solutions

26 April 2024 | Friday | News

New Sustainable Lab Essential: Eppendorf's Twin.tec® Trace Plates Offer Eco-Friendly Alternatives for PCR Processes
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain


Eppendorf, a leading laboratory technology company, is proud to announce the expansion of its environmentally friendly laboratory consumables with the launch of the twin.tec® Trace Plates. These new semi-skirted PCR plates are crafted from bio-circular polymers, aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable lab products without compromising performance.

Understanding the environmental impact of high-throughput laboratory processes, Eppendorf has made significant strides in reducing the carbon footprint associated with the use of single-use, fossil-based plastic plates. The twin.tec® Trace PCR Plates BioBased offer a greener alternative that ensures high performance while maintaining the reliability Eppendorf’s products are known for.

These new 96-well PCR plates are automation-friendly and feature exceptionally thin-walled wells for optimal heat transfer, crucial for efficient PCR performance. The plates are constructed from 100% biobased polypropylene and a rigid frame composed of 77% biobased polycarbonate, utilizing second-generation renewable feedstock under a mass balance approach.

Eppendorf's commitment to sustainability is further underscored by their production environment, which is certified under the ISCC PLUS system. This system ensures that all biobased components used in the manufacturing of these plates are sustainably sourced and produced. Moreover, the twin.tec® Trace PCR Plates BioBased have achieved ACT certification, affirming their low environmental impact.

The company assures customers that switching to these biobased consumables will not require revalidation of existing protocols, thereby facilitating a seamless transition to more sustainable lab practices. All Eppendorf biobased laboratory consumables produced in Germany are certified and undergo regular external audits to ensure compliance with ISCC PLUS standards.

Eppendorf’s innovative approach continues to set new standards in the laboratory consumables market, offering products that help scientists and researchers reduce their environmental footprint while achieving their research goals.


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