Thermo Fisher Scientific Establishes New Frontiers in Indonesia with Jakarta Office Opening and Strategic Partnerships

25 April 2024 | Thursday | News

Inaugural Thermo Fisher Scientific Day celebrates significant collaborations with NBRI and Mandaya Hospital Group, focusing on advancements in battery technology and healthcare innovations.
Thermo Fisher inaugurates the opening of its first official office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thermo Fisher inaugurates the opening of its first official office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, opens its inaugural office in Jakarta, Indonesia, marking a pivotal step in its strategic expansion into the country. To commemorate the milestone, the company is hosting its first-ever Thermo Fisher Scientific Day for partners and industry leaders to discuss opportunities for scientific advancements in the fields of climate change, healthcare transformation, and sustainability solutions in Indonesia.


Thermo Fisher Scientific Day will also mark the beginning of the company’s collaboration with two distinguished institutions in Indonesia, with the company signing two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) and Mandaya Hospital Group.


NBRI is a distinguished independent institution at the forefront of electrochemical energy storage science and technology, supporting training and education. Committed to advancing research in the field, with a focus on EV battery technology, NBRI's profound insight and specialized knowledge serve as a cornerstone, making invaluable contributions to the broader initiative. The MoU signed today formalizes NBRI’s collaboration with Thermo Fisher to advance battery technology and energy storage locally by leveraging collective expertise, resources, and networks. The partnership seeks to empower scientists in Indonesia to expand their scientific and research network beyond borders, ultimately paving the way for cross-sharing of expertise and greater innovation in the field.



“NBRI's expertise in battery development aligns perfectly with Thermo Fisher's indispensable role in quality assurance and analytical precision throughout the product lifecycle. Together, we are not only driving the adoption of battery-based electric vehicles in Indonesia but also spearheading innovations for industrial applications. This collaboration represents a pivotal step towards comprehensive battery solutions, laying the groundwork for a transformative future in battery technology, in Indonesia and beyond.” said Prof. Dr. rer. nat Evvy Kartini, Founder of NBRI.


Thermo Fisher also signed an MoU with the reputable Mandaya Hospital Group in a commitment to advance stem cell research and production as well as facilitate CD19 CAR-T therapy development, a highly effective immunotherapy for patients with hematological malignancies. This partnership will leverage Thermo Fisher’s cutting-edge solutions, notably, the Gibco™ Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) portfolio of GMP-grade reagents and closed cell processing systems for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) and CAR-T therapy production. Thermo Fisher will share their expertise by providing training and technical assistance to further Mandaya Hospital’s capabilities in translation research and clinical manufacturing.


“Mandaya Hospital Group is excited to partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific to pioneer the future of healthcare through Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy. These advanced therapies offer precise, potentially curative treatments compared to traditional methods, heralding a new era of personalized and effective healthcare solutions. Together, we are setting the course for revolutionary advancements in medicine,” said Edhijanto Widaja, PhD, Founder & Chairman of Mandaya Hospital Group.



These collaborations build on past partnerships forged by the company locally, including the National Research and Innovation Agency of Indonesia (Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional, BRIN) in 2023, which aims to strengthen research infrastructure and capabilities. The opening of Thermo Fisher’s official office will enable the company to provide closer support to its Indonesian partners and nurture local talent in its steadfast commitment to driving scientific progress in Indonesia.


In addition to celebrating these milestones, Thermo Fisher Scientific Day provides a platform for key partners and stakeholders to discuss and experience the company’s end-to-end workflows and state-of-the-art solutions, addressing critical themes such as:

  • Healthcare:
    • Resilience against health threats, infectious diseases, and pandemic preparedness
    • Essential aspects of strengthening preventative and predictive healthcare through the application of precision medicine capabilities


  • Environment and sustainability:
    • Battery technology workflows that play a vital role in the successful transition to renewable energy sources
    • Environmental monitoring and testing solutions for air, water and soil.


“We remain committed to empowering key players in Indonesia to ramp up advancements in healthcare, research, biopharma, renewable energy and climate solutions. Through our growing presence, collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions, we enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer,” said Sho-Wen Yeo, Vice President and General Manager of Southeast Asia & Taiwan for Thermo Fisher Scientific.


“We congratulate Thermo Fisher Scientific’s inauguration of its first office in Indonesia. The U.S. Mission to Indonesia looks forward to the company’s continued advancement and engagement in Indonesia's robust healthcare, research, biopharma, renewable energy development, and climate solutions industries,” said U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Michael F. Kleine.


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