Cytiva Innovates in Gene Therapy with Launch of ELEVECTA Cell Lines

07 May 2024 | Tuesday | News

New offering contains three cell lines to comprehensively meet the objectives of various therapeutic programs and provide the ability to transition between cell lines as needs evolve

Cytiva, a global leader in life sciences, has introduced its pioneering ELEVECTA cell lines, marking a significant advancement in gene therapy manufacturing. Addressing key challenges in the production of viral vectors, these cell lines aim to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase accessibility of gene therapies. Emmanuel Abate, President of Genomic Medicine at Cytiva, emphasized the company's commitment to accelerating the availability of life-changing therapies.

The ELEVECTA cell lines are designed to support various therapeutic programs, offering solutions such as a transient cell line for rapid integration into existing workflows, a packaging cell line that simplifies gene screening, and a producer cell line that eliminates the need for transfection.

This innovation not only simplifies the manufacturing process but also tackles quality challenges, such as the reduction of encapsidated host cell DNA, a persistent impurity in viral vector production. By integrating these cell lines with its established cell culture media, Cytiva is set to provide comprehensive solutions that benefit both patients and the planet by streamlining manufacturing and reducing the reliance on raw materials.



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